Do I need a prescription to receive rehabilitation?
Yes, a prescription is required to receive treatment at Texas Sports Rehab. State law prohibits our staff from administering care without a doctors order.

What type of treatment do you offer?
Texas Sports Rehab is staffed and equipped to provide a broad range of services. Please view Services We Provide for a summary. Please note we do not offer massage therapy, myofacial release, aquatic therapy or occupational therapy. Texas Sports Rehab is not a Medicare provider

If I pay privately for my care at Texas Sports Rehab, will I be reimbursed by my insurance company?
Most insurance companies will reimburse for rehab services at an out-of-network rate. However, all companies maintain their own policies for reimbursement. Feel free to contact your carrier and request your benefits as they relate to outpatient care.

How long do appointments last? What should I wear?
Most appointments require approximately one hour. Patients are encouraged to wear comfortable exercise clothing and athletic shoes. Dresses, skirts, sandals, flip flops, etc. are not recommended. A dressing room is available.

What happens if I’m late or can’t make an appointment?
There is no penalty for tardiness or missed appointments. We do request a phone call in each situation to help our clinic run smoothly. Your punctuality is appreciated.

What is a Certified/Licensed Athletic Trainer?
Athletic trainers are credentialed health care providers that specialize in sports medicine. These professionals are recognized by the American Medical Association, the National Athletic Trainers Association and the Texas Board of Health. Athletic trainers are well qualified to provide care on the athletic field, in an outpatient facility, or as a physician extender.